Post hole drilling and more...

Why Should I Have Post Holes Professionally Dug?

Your postholes starts with preparing the foundation correctly the first time. If the foundation is firm, it will help to create a long lasting and stable deck or fence for your given application.

fencing 3When you start any design from the ground up, digging holes for post footings can be messy and some times a very unpleasant task. This often leads people to look for short-cuts, like not digging deep enough or even delay digging the holes altogether.

If you are conducting any type of digging in the ground, it is not as easy as it sounds - especially if you start off with a traditional shovel or spade. Difficulties can be reduced when starting your deck or fence construction simply by using the proper tools. 'Post Holes and More' are seasoned professionals with the right tools for 'post hole drilling'.

When we drill, pour and set for a
Fence, Deck, Gazebo, or Shed, we will:

barrie post holes drilling

Posthole Procedure:

Setting of Posts

 We have developed a method of post setting that virtually eliminates frost heaves. We set the concrete deep to ensure strength and rigidity for your fence and deck posts. We have the equipment and expertise for all types of post setting. We Guarantee your Post Setting from Heaving up to 2 Years.

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